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Sonic Frontiers Hands-On Preview

Join us on this excerpt from The Game Informer Show where we break down our hands-on impressions of Sonic Frontiers! We’re discussing how combat, movement, and puzzle solving feel and whether or not fans of the Blue Blur should be excited.


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  1. His speed seems fixed. Like, he ran downhill without picking up speed. And I REALLY wish they'd move away from all this grinding. If he's not descending, grinding looks dumb.

    Tone down the bumpers and zip pads, too. With all this goddamn space why do I still need those to attain max speed? I have a spin dash.

  2. I still don't understand the point of having those boosters that force a player in a certain direction. For the 2D games and even boost games it was fine because the former was just left to right and the latter was ultra linear but still having automation like that in this "open zone" is very questionable at best.

  3. I reealllyy like the idea of finding the coco creatures and using them to upgrade Sonics speed, ring limit, strength or health!! That is super cool, I didnt know we could increase Sonics speed that easily!! ?? This is huge because we all thought Sonic seemed super slow. Meaning what we have seen so far is most likely Sonics first level of speed. Also if you collect 400 rings Sonic gets his BLUE BOOST back and he moves waaayyy faster, and gets this blue aura around his body like Unleashed/Genrations. I want to see some cyberspace play becuse Im getting excited for the open zone!

  4. I'll still be amazed if this game gets an average of over 6.9
    Team Sonic seems to be trying to bottle Sonic Adventure from the nostalgia of players who were 10-14 years old when it came out, and it's just not going to happen. Sonic was not designed to be a 3D world explorer. He was designed to go at great speeds on a two-dimensional plane. Case in point: Sonic 1, 2, 3, Knuckles, Mania, and the Gameboy games vs Sonic 06, Boom, Rise of Lyric, Free Riders, Unleased, Generations…

  5. Imma say it. I absolutely hate the enemy design in this game. I do. They all look bland, uninspired, and don’t even feel like actual enemies. More like abandoned concept art characters that are nothing but shapes.

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