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Sonic Frontiers Cover Story And Cuphead DLC Review | GI Show

In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, the crew discusses our Sonic Frontiers cover story and divulges new details about the game’s open zones, combat, and a few returning characters, including Big The Cat. During The Playlist, we…

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  1. @5:00 exactly for the actual information about the game to start.
    Prior to that it's a bunch of waffling about when sonic was last on the cover and how someone was in a sonic suit at Sonic Team's headquarters… So… unless that actually sounds interesting (it wasn't, at all) there's the timestamp for y'all.

  2. Just listening to how SEGA is approaching Cyberspace levels has me shaking my head. Why does every single game these days have to be split? Unleashed, Generations, Forces. 3D & 2D.

    Just make a 3D Sonic game, with a consistent feel.
    Why has that been so hard to get in the 3D sonic space?

  3. So this Blue Streak…
    When it sped by, did you find it difficult to see?
    Would you define his movements as "really"?
    Did you get the impression he had a bit of an attitude?
    And lastly, rule of thumb, would you say he was possibly the fastest currently living creature?

  4. Man really thinks 06 is slippery, but sonic is slow, and if you are talking about Mach Speed he is just hard to control because you can't control your jump

  5. 26:23 huh that’s actually very interesting, so there is a insensitive to fish in the game, just means 100% this game gonna be crazy lol

  6. Kind of wish you spoke more about the puzzles before changing topics to combat. I’m really curious about what puzzles can be expected outside of the really simple ones shown off in the publicly shown off footage

  7. I truly feel that IGN first ruined the hype for this game when in reality, this game is pretty good compared to what we actually we were shown. Like, honest to god, the Nintendo direct, Summer game fest and this have restored my hope in the game.

  8. 28:08 What the hell…. Can somebody tell dude in the left box to google or youtube "every sonic character" or at least play a 2000-2010 sonic game????? … that was a PATHETIC statement… "what is a huge cast of characters when it comes to Sonic" … WOW . He was so confident about it too…. please dont make another Sonic video dude….. Game informer my ass. that literally ruined my 28 minutes of watching this video. The dude in the bottom screen was definitely annoyed by that statement too. Knowing their is a FULL CAST of Sonic Characters. SMH

  9. If you go against a titan as supersonic multiple times, I’m very excited. All of the supersonic bosses before have been amazing, so to have more than one in one game, that’s exciting to me.

  10. 오오!!!! 확실히 이번 소닉 프론티어는 확실히 AAA급 초갓겜이 될것같은데 빨리 예약판매 시작해달라고요 ㅠㅠ

    게임 플레이 영상이나 리뷰 후기들 보니까 그래픽도 확실히 좋고 엄청나게 거대한 맵에서 엄청나게 빠른 이동속도 스피드로 달려서 속도감도 겁나 좋고 타격감도 겁나 좋던데

    크… 소닉 프론티어 진심 근접 타격감도 겁나 뛰어나고 그래픽도 겁나 좋은게 AAA급 초우주갓겜 느낌난다. 빨리 예구하고 싶다고!!!!!!

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