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Sonic Frontiers: 123 Rapid-Fire Questions With Takashi Iizuka

Join us for another Game Informer Rapid-Fire interview. This time, we’re sitting down with legendary industry icon Takashi Iizuka to ask him 123 burning questions about Sonic Frontiers!

If you want to learn more about Sonic Frontiers, be sure to…

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  1. I absolutely love lizuka. I never knew he was such a fun guy. He really deserves the best for trying so hard and dealing with the us (one of the craziest fans in the world). I truly hope he has a team as cool as him for future games

  2. R I P to our Chao Garden theory ?. A missed Opportunity in Frontiers

    Interviewer: I have 20 or so Sonic06 questions
    Iizuka: Nope it’s over laughs

    Alright I love this guy, he’s awesome LOL.

  3. "Does this really run on Switch?"
    Man, Nintendo slander, you all are still upset about no Switch Pro news.

    Here's the thing: we're still in a chip shortage. Just because you guys might have a PS5 or Xbox Series X doesn't mean everyone else can get one due to the CHIP SHORTAGE

  4. SA2 is my favorite 3d Sonic game as well. I guess this kind of confirms that he has wanted to make SA3 for a very long time but Sega has just said no.

  5. Love how he knows Chao Garden is the most requested feature, yet we haven’t seen anything close to it since Adventure 2

  6. I always feel bad about Iizuka for essentially being the punching bag for the community. Especially if he is asked with something complex, like lore and he has to give out an answer even if he's not the main writer or the one who call the shots for the lore, only to be shat on by fans for decades because they didn't like his answer. I feel like if it weren't mentioned by one of the Origin devs, people would still be shitting on him for everything he doesn't have control over.

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