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Saints Row Reboot: PS5 Preview | New Gameplay Today (4K)

In this episode of New Gameplay Today, we go hands-on with the upcoming Saints Row reboot on PlayStation 5.

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  1. Why do we need health bars and rpg elements in every game nowadays. Irony is everyone talks how immersive games are now. Its actually the opposite with older games being more immersive and simple with no health bars, rpg elements/grind and no padding.

  2. This looks so average in every aspect, hopefully it doesn't have the same level as jank as previous saint row games.

  3. This seems to be just a fun carefree game. I’m looking forward to exploring the world. I’ve been playing these games since the original and I’m glad for them to be making it way less wacky than 4

  4. Did they get rid of the generic mission creation style? 4 mission types, plaster them all over the map of a new "territory". sprinkle a story mission after completing all of them. Then rince and repeat?

  5. Чёт уныленько( 3-ю часть убивала физика авто. Очень надеюсь, что здесь физику переработали

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