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Rabbids: Party of Legends Review

One of the most well-received launch titles for the Nintendo Wii was Rayman Raving Rabbids, a party game spin-off of Ubisoft’s Rayman platforming series that had more in common with Mario Party than any Rayman game. The titular Rabbids proved popular enough to star in a franchise of their own, with Ubisoft since releasing various sequels to Raving Rabbids and crossing the manic bunny creatures over with other series, like with the Mario + Rabbids strategy games. The latest title to star the Rabbids is yet another party game, Rabbids: Party of Legends.

Rabbids: Party of Legends is a mini-game compilation that sees the Rabbids getting up to their usual antics. The main game mode is Adventure Mode, which has players participate in one mini-game after the next to earn books, with books taking the place of Mario Party’s Stars. Books are primarily earned by doing well in mini-games, though those in last place are given some opportunities to steal books from their opponents, and there are certain points where players are able to spin a wheel to get bonus books as well.
A mini-game compilation lives and dies by the quality of its mini-games, and luckily, the Rabbids: Party of Legends mini-games are all quite fun. The mini-games themselves should be familiar to anyone that has played a game like this, and while they’re not terribly original, they function well and are more competitive than what Mario Party has to offer. This is mainly because the mini-games in Rabbids: Party of Legends last longer than mini-games do in its competitors. For example, both Rabbids: Party of Legends and Mario Party have a mini-game where the goal is to knock players off a platform. In Mario Party, getting knocked off means that the mini-game is effectively over for that player, but Rabbids: Party of Legends gives everyone multiple hit points.

What this means is that Rabbids: Party of Legends keeps players engaged with the mini-games longer, and there is…


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