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PlayStation Stars rewards you for playing, Skate is going free-to-play, Multiversus is getting an open beta, and Rumbleverse gets a launch date.
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I’m seeing Stars! PlayStation Stars! Learn all about PlayStation’s…

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  1. The PlayStation Stars program is a huge step in next gen gaming. Adding currency that will go to your PlayStation wallet for just playing a game sounds crazy. Like something i would see in 2030 or 2040.

  2. Whoever's reading this, i pray that whatever you're going through gets better and whatever you're struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen

  3. The Stars program would have been more fitting for Xbox since the Series X looks like the giant monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey: "My God, it's full of stars".

  4. Using Microsoft Rewards, I haven’t had to pay for Game Pass for a very long time. Hoping I can lessen how much I pay for PS+ using the Stars program.

  5. The only reason Microsoft Rewards works is because it actually rewards you. And it couldn't do that without Bing. They basically just want you to search Bing to compete with Google. Sony has no such search engine or incentive to actually reward you.

  6. For Playstation Stars to work fairly and well, it surely has to give you rewards retroactively, otherwise if you're into these new rewards and want the rewards and unlockables for a particular game, but have already unlocked the necessary trophies for the reward, you'd have unknowingly locked yourself out of get the reward, meaning that if they're not retroactive, you'd have to create a new profile to unlock them!!

    Meaning those that play the most would effectively be punished for their existing actions!

    And speaking as someone who created their PS profile when PSN launched, I don't want to have to restart from scratch!! 🤔😯😂 .

  7. I was waiting for playstation to drop some sort of loyalty program. Some people have been a psn member, psplus member, for years!! Interesting they’re rewarding people this way. Very cool!

  8. Typical Sony finally catching up to the rest of the industry. 🙄 when you gonna start making PS5’s again? Hopefully this isn’t a half foot in like the backwards compatibility, and everything else.

  9. Oh how awesome Sony’s digital rewards aren’t NFTs so instead of them having value and being able to be sold or traded for the benefit of the player they are literally useless. I’ll never understand these bad NFT takes. It’s not a “win” for things to have no value for the player.

  10. Skate being free to play kills me, I can already see the about a month after the game comes out “Unlock the lazar flip trick and a red baker skateboard for only $2.99” and every skateboard being a buyable cosmetic

  11. Sounds like fun, but will Stars work retroactively or will we all start fresh? If it's the latter, then meh.

  12. Stars is basically just Xbox reward program. Good that Sony are doing the same. It's good for business, ties people into purchasing subs. Rewarding people for staying sub. You can get £5-10 on Xbox without doing anything. I get at least £50 a year. I do all the challenges that are not game specific. Xbox run special ones worth £2-5 each. No specific game required.

  13. 👩🏻‍🦳🇬🇧 But I’m A Grown Up 😂…Gaming Is Definitely Aimed At The Very Young Don’t You Agree?. One Week To Go My Pre-Order PS5 😂👍…

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