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Persona 25th Anniversary Café & Velvet Room TOUR | Vlog

In this vlog, we visit the Requiem Café in Anaheim, CA, to tour their Persona 25th Anniversary celebration, a collaboration with Atlus West featuring coffee and tea drinks inspired by the Persona series – we tried the beverages named after…

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  1. By just by looks and menu items it seems more like a p5 cafe then a whole persona series celebration the only non p5 things are the philemon and junes items but everything seems it is persona 5 themed basically the original cafe from 2016 but dum down but still pretty cool pop up to see but nothing too exciting

  2. I don't know who any of these people are but this rules. Loved the penalty couch bit and the 3 minutes of footage of them taking sips and posing the drink around to copyright free music.

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