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Outriders: Worldslayer Review

People Can Fly’s looter-shooter Outriders was released in April 2021 to moderate success, with praise for its combat, crafting, and loot systems, while criticisms were aimed at its storytelling, dialogue, and buggy launch. Overall, the game succeeded where it needed to, providing players with a fun, fast-paced combat system that utilizes supernatural powers along with weapons, armor, and technology to amass a sizable variety of character builds to face the hordes of enemies the game contains.

The game’s story explores the last remnants of humanity as they flee Earth to colonize the far world of Enoch, with Outriders tasked with exploring the planet before unloading the colonists. In typical post-apocalyptic sci-fi storytelling, things go south upon arrival when a mysterious electromagnetic storm, referred to as the Anomaly, begins destroying everything in its wake. Outriders skips the narrative ahead by thirty years, where humanity is trapped in the same valley they arrived in, now in a civil war with Insurgents who generally follow Altered supernatural humans, who the Anomaly has transformed. Additionally, the Anomaly has affected the local wildlife in terrifying and mutated ways, which further adds to the challenges players must face.

Outriders: Worldslayer builds upon the narrative left open from the base game by revealing that the Anomaly, now out of control on the planet due to the loss of Enoch’s native species, the Pax, is expanding and devolving in more and more unpredictable ways that threaten all life on the planet. The expansion also ties up the loose ends of the Insurgent crisis that the base game failed to answer with the addition of the Altered Ereshkigal, who leads them. Furthermore, the DLC and its Endgame content go hand in hand storytelling-wise to flesh out more about the Pax, their relationship to Enoch in the past, and their abilities to harness the Anomaly.

While that seems like a lot of content to…


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