New Assassin’s Creed Leak Explained | GameSpot News

New Assassin’s Creed details have leaked, plus Last of Us Part 1 and Nintendo Switch Sports are getting new features.
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Kotaku reported on Project Red’s existence, while Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier said Project…

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  1. I played all assassins creed except 3, the series became a niche which lost most of its Ezio magic. On the other hand, Ghost of Tsushima is probably the best samurai game ever made.

  2. It will be an Assassins game in name alone. I wish Ubisoft would stop throwing the Creed name on everything when their focus isn't stealth and assassinations, but Greed, Grind, and Microstransactions

  3. I met a person from grinder who works for ubisoft project rift is a vr game because they said they where working on a vr assassin creed game

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