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My Rollerdrome Preview Is Late Because I Can’t Stop Playing It

Rollerdrome is a bloodsport funded by a mega-corporation in a near-future dystopia. Challengers travel the globe, competing in industrial arenas to climb the ranks of a televised competition – all to distract the public from a grim reality….

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  1. This looks really fun! It looks like Superhot but with rollerblades! But I have a question about it: Can you change how your character looks, or can you only play as the character you showed in this preview?

  2. Looks interesting for sure. I feel like extreme sports games kinda "fell off" in recent years so it's good to see a fresh and interesting idea to make extreme sports even more extreme. Hope it succeeds.

  3. Absolutely fantastic video as always guys!
    The editing just goes so perfectly well with the writing and audio. Like a one seamless experience ? Also really love this new format Alex, it feels much more personal.

  4. Game Informer Guy: I can't stop playing Rollerdrome . . .
    Also Game Informer Guy: Talks into mic, keeps eye contact with the camera and doesn't even play Rollerdrome. Smh…

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