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Elden Ring Legend Let Me Solo Her receives an epic gift from developers, a GTA 5 modder gets a takedown notice from Take-Two, ReedPop is taking over E3 and Skulls and Bones gets new gameplay and a release date.
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  1. They should've made the sword a rivers of blood or a regular katana. Regardless amazing to see the myth and legend get recognition on this scale.

  2. they can hand out free gifts for beating a boss 2000 times? do you know how many people who have prob done that before he did? lol.They give free gifts but still no DLC! JOKE! ,Also click bait for everyone to know!

  3. You all act like they went out of their way to give him this gift. They found whatever junk they had around and put something together.

  4. i know others have beaten bosses many times just like he did ,but he stood out and helped so many players on his way and inspired many others to do the same.

  5. about Skull & Bones, Ubisoft really shouldn't be worried about the God of War release. That game will exist for a week, 2 at most. Then every streamer has beaten it and the game exits flavor of the month.

    Skull & Bones is meant to be a live service game. It's initial release isn't as important as long as it maintains an active playerbase past the first month. I for one at minimum while be making it my main game from release through the end of the year

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