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Bayonetta 3, Game Informer Layoffs, And Alex Stadnik Says Goodbye | GI Show

This is a hard week on The Game Informer Show. Blake, Jill, Van Aken, and Stadnik are here to discuss the recent layoffs and the departure of one of the members of the Council of Alexes. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, as the crew is also…

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  1. Damn. Awfully sad news. Wesley is hilarious, I love his attitude and easily one of my favorite game informer staff. Carson just has such a positive attitude, chill and you can feel his passion for games when he talks about them. And Alex Stadnik what a great and nice person, you rock dude! One of my favorite game informer hosts.

  2. Minnesota has terrible labor lays when anyone can be laid-off from one day to the next without at least a 2 weeks notice. Reminds me of Telltale games actually.

    Remind me again why the gaming industry isn't fighting like h3ll for union protections?

  3. Makes me so sad every time I see these type of layoffs. I saw the the layoffs and the closing of GameTrailers and saw the first big layoffs with gameinformer. Ive been a fan since 10 yrs old, having a subscription to the magazine. The long history and love I have for Gameinformer will always be remembered.

  4. To the entire Game Informer team, I am so sorry you lost members of your family to layoffs. It makes no sense. What your team delivers is amazing content.

    It may have games in the title, but this crew is special. Thank you for every issue, every story, and journey you share with us

  5. Damn….I don't know any of these people. Nothing against him but i stopped watching when Stadnik joined, and he's already leaving. Uts sad how much of a shell of their former glory GI is now. Gamestop ruined a good magazine. Its clear people want to work at GI now, until they get a job there. Such a shame. I miss Reeves, Turi, Elise, Javy, Tack, Ryckert, Jeff M, Cork, it's so sad.

  6. Ive been fans of yours for years, even though I couldn’t watch your streams due to work. I will miss you all, and I wish you guys well????

  7. Second time I've seen this happen since i first became a subscriber. I really wish your parent company would stop meddling and just let you guys do your thing. I know y'all as the most professional and straightforward reporting in the industry, shame they can't see the value each of you brings to the equation. Here's to hopefully smoother sailing going forward.

  8. You did great, Stadnik! It was really heartwarming to hear the other week how much that comment in the iTunes review meant to you about being a "legend in the making." Big time!

  9. Harsh to hear the news hitting the GI team. Rough time in gaming when even the huge teams are struggling to keep up gaming content. Everyone now days is a streamer and content producer.

  10. All these bad things keep happening because GI won't release the Ride To Hell Retribution livestream

  11. Haven’t even watched the show yet but I’m actually crying at the title. I love you so much Alex and the big man swag will live on within me everyday. Gunna miss seeing you every week and I hope paths cross later in life!

  12. Brutal. Imagine leading a dying company and repeatedly handicapping the only relevant part of your business. Personality-centered entertainment is obviously way more viable than NFTs and plush toys. It infuriates to think about how much the people making these decisions get paid.

  13. Shout out to Hum, one of the best, most understated, down to earth rock bands that explore the possibilities of space and the unknown. Downward is Heavenward ?

  14. Got emotional a couple times in this episode, really care about you all and wish everyone the best. Excited to to see what you do next Stadnik, thanks for all you've done for GI!

  15. You guys are better off than playing Russian roulette with your employer. Just get your own online "magazine" up, reach out to Elon, and I guarantee you, your fans will follow.

  16. Is so sad to see Gameinformer eroding. I am surprised they still standing. If you just got hired I would be looking for a job everyday. Of course the pandemic has affected the magazine sells which I think the monthly features are getting more weak since GI can’t go to the studios.

    I use to subscribe to the GI magazine then once in awhile buy the digital monthly magazine. Layoffs have been happening for years. Of course they lay off seniority that they paid the most. The managers or owner will never suffer first or at all by getting rid of the highest paid first.

    I believe all the experience journalist are almost all gone. Hope all find work. People save money as much as a possible to survive these trying times.

  17. It has been my wish for years that Game Informer would some how separate themselves from gamestop proper. It is a shame that the staff is beholden to the corporate asshats that run the parent company. I wish all those that have left by choice or as a result of the layoffs all o the best and am looking forward to their continued work in the industry that I absolutely adore. Fair Winds and Following Seas.

  18. 9:45 "That's what you need to know about John, If you wanna move to Minnesota, hit em up!". I laughed so hard at this! I'm so sad to see so many GI editors have to leave, but the fact that you guys are still making me laugh gives me faith that all of you will turn things around. Best wishes.

  19. As a big man; I loved Stadnik's Big Man Swag comment, it made me feel like this podcast was truly for me. ? I'm going to miss Alex Stadnik very much, but I know he's going to kill it in his new job. Go get the, big guy!! ?

    As far as the podcast; I watch this show ever seen it came to YouTube. I preferred this version over the standard audio style of the days of old. Since the GI Podcast will be going back to that format; I will Alex Van Aken all the luck in the world, but I won't be there to be a part of it. Thank you all for the wonderful years of gaming podcasting, of gaming fun, and information. You guys are the best.

  20. Great show as always but wow this news sucks. Reminds me of my own layoff story from last year. I watched many intelligent, hardworking, and friendly people get canned by "higher-ups" for 12 months at a well known tech company before it was finally my turn. I can speak from the observation of former friends/colleagues and my own experience that it always leads to something better. Layoffs typically mean people at the top are making mistakes which inevitably leads to employees being stressed, overworked, and burnt out. As a result of my own departure I found a more interesting job where I have more time for my family and received a significant salary bump. Again, it's hard to visualize being "let go" as an opportunity but that's exactly what it is if u continue working and stay busy. Best of luck to everyone including Alex and can't wait to see what u all do next!

  21. 55:32 bro, you did that to the FULLEST EXTENT! If it wasn’t for your gusto, confidence, and excitement for games I would’ve never gotten into listening to gaming podcasts and that’s all I do now! Lol
    Again, love you dude and whatever you end up doing it’s gunna be amazing mister Alex

  22. More victims of corporate greed and having executives with no love for gaming ruin something so good when it's the great staff running the joint thta are the ones we care about…seems like such a cool job until you realize you could be gone if an execs pockets feeling kinda low…and I get that business is business but mabey keep the staff and let an executive go…that would be way more money to put into the show and staff itself…just a thought…lol..

  23. Stadnik seems like a truly great human being. He's always seemed so genuine on the podcast, etc, but this episode affirms that. Along with John, Wes and Jeff involuntarily moving on from GI, he too will be missed. Can't wait to see the direction the podcast takes with Van Aken leading it.

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