Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nintendo Direct Full Presentation

Check out the full presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. You’ll learn more about the world, its characters (Noah, Eunie, Lanz, Mio, Taion, and Sena) and what to expect. Additionally get a look at a new trailer for the game as well.


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  1. Yeah, they have my money on day one cause I’ve seen everything in this video and I’m in love compared to the other games that were just good in my book. This looks GREAT!!!

  2. the british accent is a huge turn off for me
    british accent is suppose to be cool but not when in a anime game
    hope we have the option to choose the original japanese VA

  3. the story setting seems cool, liking the ideas so far

    world looks great, though as expected, as monolith's world building is fantastic. I do like it seems more open ended like XC1 and XCX, which is preferred

    and, fantastically, it looks like they're going back to XC1 and XCX style battle, much more action paced and spatial positioning matters. XC2 battle system I strongly disliked and it killed the game for me, to the point where I never finished XC2, and would have considered skipping if they did it again. XC3 looks to be shaping up well. I'm looking forward to it. Still can't believe it's so close to releasing, one of the few jrpg series left I have my eye on

  4. I'm sorry but the English voiceovers are TERRIBLE. Completely off putting in my opinion. How anyone can play Japanese games in English is beyond me. Especially heavily voiced games like RPGs. It spoils in the immersion.
    Both Ghost of Tsushima and Ni No Kuni managed voiceovers a lot better. Whether played in English or Japanese, the voiceover work is incredible. I especially liked the English regional accents in Ni No Kuni. And the quality of the acting in Ghost was also outstanding. It needed good actors to carry such a sombre story.
    Other than that complaint the rest of the Presentation was good and the game itself it looking like an improvement over the earlier games.

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