What To Expect From Summer Game Fest And Other June Gaming Events

We may not have E3, but Geoff Keighley is back with Summer Game Fest, and coming with him is a host of other events and press conferences to fill our summer gaming hearts.

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  1. "All the Heavy Hitters of last year . . ." What are you talking about? The only game they revealed that was worth anything was Elden Ring.

  2. If Gears gets the MCC treatment, owners of the collectors edition they released that let people buy all the games should get a discount since it would just be an upgrade

  3. ESA should focus on promoting and helping to enlarge other events like PAX that are more relevant for the gaming industry in the 2020s

  4. The "Xbox Activision-Blizzard-Bethesda Showcase" isn't that hard to say. Of course, they could just call it the "Xbox Showcase" like it used to be called and everybody knows what will be in it, too. Looking forward to Starfield game play because even if it's been pushed back, they have to start showing how the game actually plays to keep people interested.

  5. It's crazy cause everyone talk down on Xbox we really got hella games cooking up and some coming out this year the next 4 years of Xbox gaming bout to be good asf??

  6. As of EA. They took teams from other team to work on 2042 which simply rushed. I think it's going to be a while until we really see anything solid from them including NFS and Dragon Age. Not sure what else is being worked on other than the next Battlefield and Star Wars.

  7. Wow I now realize how important E3 really is, not just because it's fun to watch, but how crucial it is to help companies advertise their games to new audiences. I'm way too busy to keep track of 100's of developers on different platforms etc. E3 brings everything together in a digestible format. Hope it returns in a strong way in 2023.

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