Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader – How Do You Play As 40k's Most Powerful Explorers?

Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader is the first ever CRPG set in the Grimdark of the 41st millenia, with that comes the opportunity to explore parts of the Warhammer franchise that no other game has touched on. What is there in 40k beyond war? How…

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  1. Making this video gave me the motivation to paint some more of my minis, so hopefully it gives some of ya'll the energy to slay some grey and tackle that pile of potential.
    But thank you for watching the video, I'm a big Warhammer 40k fan so super excited to explore more of the universe in this way (and hopefully pick up an Ork Freebooter along the way..)
    Let me know your thoughts down below or on twitter @irregulardave – I always love chatting with fellow Warhammer nerds <3

  2. Do the greatest heresy of the all, Owlcat, have the fanbase fall into total rage/love (depending on their views) – make that Eldar ranger a waifu option.
    The tears would be delicious.

  3. If there's anything I hate more in the world, it's "Talking Head" videos about games… No, I'm not here to see your face.

  4. Could you imagine the pride of a Rouge Trader Dynasty actually able to say that its family's warrant of trade was signed by the emperor himself, over 10,000 years ago? thats some serious flex, especially considering how the Emperor came to be worshipped (Much to his horror most likely)

  5. Squats are considered part of Mankind, as they are descended from humans who adapted to a high gravity world or something I think.

  6. An Astartes would also have a philosophical difference with a Sister of Battle, as I believe at least many Astartes have the tradition passed dowm from their primarch of the Imperial Truth. although I'm sure they tend to keep quiet about it for the greater good of the imperium, after all it is not their place to question, they are the protectors of the imperium and their main job is defending it and killing its enemies.

    The custodes DEFINITELY remember the Imperial Truth.

  7. Great video and thank you so much for sharing it.And it sounds like you will be like the privateers of old, like sir Francis Drake, or Captain Kidd of the mid 1600 to 1700.Only instead of the seven seas, for which ever king or Queen that you are working for, now you will be in space

  8. I was wondering how Owlcat would handle the jump in power the mythic paths gave us. 40k is the perfect answer !

  9. Given that, in the trailer, the Rogue Trader's relative visits a Necron ship, I think one of the companions will be a Necron. Someone who had a service done to them by the players relative and is fulfilling their part of the bargain.

  10. CRPGs are my favourite genre, played and loved pathfinder, and I look forward to rogue trader. But it's as you said, I have nfi what you're talking about most of the time, it sounds like a convoluted story where everything is slightly different to reality just for the sake of it.

    I'm not a huge fan of the aesthetic of warhammer outside of the tabletop models I saw back when I painted lotr tabletop figures.

    Regardless I will still give it a chance, and It will be cool to explore a universe I have no idea about.

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