Warhammer 40,000 – Darktide Cinematic Trailer

In this new cinematic trailer of Fatshark’s upcoming 4 player co-op game Warhammer: 40,000: Darktide we see the rising of the Inquisition’s new rag-tag squad of prisoners-turned Imperial agents sent to the planet of Atoma Prime to fight the…

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  1. I'm so excited for this. I loved Vermintide. I didn't get to play 2 when it had players cuz I was busy with life but if its anything like the first Vermintide this is going to be great

  2. The only platform I have that COULD run this is a PS5. So nice to see there won't be a PS-release of the game i've been waiting for for years.

  3. Nurgle’s boys look pretty sweet, hope the other four get moments to shine.

    Personally I wanna fight some Malicious Acolytes if not the Sons of Malice themselves, they’re my favorite chaos chapter. :3

  4. The flow of this scene just makes no sense. The chaos guy shoots the ogryn several times with a plasma pistol and is about to finish him off. I guess he hears the psyker revving up instead of either shoot him or the incapacitated ogryn 2 feet in front of him but instead just lowers his gun and blankly stares. And even better, the psyker immediately forgets and has to deal with something worse… but apparently the first guy is still just watching? Didn't bother to fire off the plasma pistol at anyone or anything else, did it overheat or what?

  5. So it’s like the character customization of deep rock galactic, I don’t know wether I like the trade off of less voice lines for cosmetics because it takes away from the character development

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