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The Quarry Review

Update: The Death Rewind feature discussed in this review is available from the start for players of The Quarry’s deluxe edition, but is only unlocked for standard version players after finishing the game’s story once.

When Supermassive Games released Until Dawn in 2015, it catapulted the UK-based developer into the spotlight. Allowing players to control the cast of a teen slasher flick, the title introduced what were fairly unique mechanics at the time, with quick-time events and a multilinear narrative that played like an interactive movie. The Quarry is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn and returns to the theme of a campy 80s teen horror film.
The Quarry recounts one horrifying night in the lives of nine counselors at a summer camp called Hackett’s Quarry, an appropriately eerie and isolated locale in the middle of a forest. As with previous Supermassive titles, the cast of The Quarry consists of a number of well-known horror film veterans like Lance Henriksen, David Arquette, Lin Shaye, and Ted Raimi, and along with the satisfyingly spooky setting, the voice acting is one of the highlights of the game.

As with Supermassive’s previous interactive horror titles, this latest release can be completed in 8 to 10 hours. That’s for a single playthrough, though, and the developer has stated that The Quarry has nearly 200 endings and countless branching paths. There is also a movie mode, which allows people to view the game as if it really were a movie, with scenarios playing out from predefined outcomes. Couch co-op lets a group of up to four friends enjoy the game together by passing the controller around, and the game’s delayed online multiplayer mode is slated for an early July release.

Supermassive hasn’t introduced any major advances in gameplay with The Quarry, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing because the formula has proven successful thus far. Likewise, in a game that’s more akin…


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