The Quarry Review

The Quarry picks up where Until Dawn left off, introducing another group of personable teens you’ll attempt to keep alive. Or not.

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  1. I love these games but honestly I just want a game where we are running from a actual human slasher, not monsters , something like scream or Texas chainsaw massacre , the whole monester thing is on every game. I want a killer with a knife or something

  2. I hated until dawn and will certainly hate this!
    Hard to imagine there is an audience for a movie type game that prompts you to act out limited rigid predestined narratives.
    I think I can do better in the game world with my buying dollars.

  3. Quick question guys I heard the multiplayer is coming in July. Does this mean none of the multiplayer is available at launch… I know there’s multiple multiplayer modes like movie night and 8 player co op so just asking before I purchase

  4. 70$ for a game that plays like a movie without any gameplay no thanks…. do you're selves a favor everbody watch it at youtube its like a 5 hour movie and save that 70$ for an actual game . That will teach those developers to make an actual game or become a movie studio

  5. This game is 1000% up my alley, but I can’t justify paying $70 (Xbox series s) for a 10 hour game, especially when it will be on sale in a month or so

  6. Love the genre, love Until Dawn. This one, not so much. I give it a 7. There were soooooo many problems with it. I dont know where people are getting all the 8 and 9 scores from/

  7. I give it 6.5/10
    Decent plot idea with a fitting atmosphere and good visuals however slow pace and gameplay as well as too many story and gameplay moments that don’t make sense worse than until dawn which I give 8/10

  8. This is NOT a 9/10 game, it's an 8/10 at best. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, but there are quite few noticeable flaws.

  9. I will always enjoy a game from this genre but I was disappointed. I felt a lot of the game was based around the characters interacting instead of action and threat. It felt like a lot of character set up to not many outcomes. This really impacted the pace of the game and the sense of threat. It had some great moments and got my heart pumping, had very beautiful environments but I felt it could have been more exciting. Still worth playing though!

  10. QTE’s definitely need to be harder !!! i feel like they need options to make the game harder with quick choice timers and QTE’s. my first play through no one died from QTE’s the only one who died died from a choice i made.

    i have started to play again but can not because i don’t feel any pressure because of QTE’s being to easy.

  11. This genre is not for everyone, but also it definitely can be improved, make the exploration much more rewarding, example, you really gotta make the character to get certain items to go on a better path, not just a decision to pick a path to continue the story.

  12. I'm sorry but to say that The Quarry picks up where Until Dawn left off, is incorrect. The Quarry has got NOTHING to do with Until Dawn, apart from the fact that the plot is kind of similar. You don't have to have played Until Dawn to play The Quarry, for anyone that is wondering. You are right about one thing though. The likeness between the characters faces and the faces of the actors/actresses that play them in real life, is absolutely shocking and impressive. I had to Google them all in real life, and was absolutely shocked.

  13. 100% agree that this is their best work yet. The writing, characters, and choices are all better than Until Dawn. I like that characters can still do stuff in the plot after surviving a potential death which was not the case with Jess, Matt, Chris, etc in Until Dawn. I just wished the Quarry had a better ending and it would be have been perfect.

  14. All this praise which is your opinion, and that's fine. However I have to disagree regarding the dialogue and acting. The dialogue felt very unnatural, especially during scare moments. Case in point, when a character discovers a body (won't mention whose) it's almost a shrug the shoulders kind of reaction like they've seen it before and used to it which I doubt. Also when a character is attacked and injured at times, again it feels like a shrug the shoulders kind of reaction. Also the pacing is dreadfully slow. A few times I dozed off. In my opinion Until Dawn was much better. Yeah, I hated characters but at least when they died it added to the satisfaction. This one? Maybe a 5/10

  15. I think it's awesome that they embraced the "playable movie" niche of gaming.
    I love the much more interactive gameplay-centric games like the Dark Souls games, but I think more cinematic games that only have more limited interactivity also have their place. What makes even a movie-like game so fun is the intricately branching story and being able to make many choices that shape the outcomes in that story. It is heavily cutsomizable like an RPG, but instead of customizing a character, you are customizing the story and plot itself. It's like a movie, yes, but so much more.

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