The Last of Us Full Presentation | Summer Game Fest 2022

Naughty Dog unveiled a brand new standalone title based on multiplayer in The Last of Us. They showed off concept art from the game, and say it’s bigger than any single-player game they’ve ever done. More information will unveil next year. The…

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  1. How is no one talking about the last of us multiplayer game ?? They’re gonna revolutionize multiplayer experiences the same way the did with single player games

  2. I know it is supposed to look updated but honestly I feel like unless you worked on it, most people will miss the updates – in the end it looks the same, not sure if I’ll play it again cause if that. Great game, I’m more excited about the multiplayer but don’t care about the remake.

  3. i so happy that is come on pc aswell. i been playing old days on ps4. now so excaited that i can play on PC and almost new game with same story. So DOPE

  4. I’ve never been a huge fan of online games but from what Druckmann has shown, my intrigue has been peeked; with an online narrative, new characters and new location. I just hope it’s not a typical linear ‘run and gun’ play style, like the original Factions, but more about looting, character development, etc.

    Factions has my full attention!

  5. I remember on day 1 when i went to go get last of us 1 in 2013 when it release it was me and 1 other person waiting for the store to open, he was an older gentleman and probably more excited than me i hope he got to play part 2 and gets to play the remake of 1.

  6. Never played Part1, got in the hype train for Part2 and regretted not having tried out part 1, now with this it will be a sure buy once I get my ps5

  7. I can't wait for the remake on PS5! Oh wait, yes I can because I can't get a PS5 unless I pay a scalper hundreds more (which I'll never do).

  8. Im happy for this remake. The game released 9 years ago so a revamp of graphics and updated combat is very welcome. I don't even care about paying full price. Some can call it greddy but I wanna point out that Sony has given away so many copies of the original, ps4 remaster and left behind dlc for free on playstation plus.

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