The Callisto Protocol Gameplay Trailer | Sony State of Play June 2022

Striking Distance Studios, the new development studio founded by former Dead Space lead Glen Schofield, gave us a glimpse of The Calliso Protocol, their forthcoming survival horror game made as spiritual successor to the seminal horror Dead…

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  1. if they got this why deadspace remake ? This Looks Like The best predecessor to deadspace ive seen in a long time the story element is impeccable, the visual is S rank asf, all it needs is for it to be in my hands so i can play it

  2. Why does it say CAPTURED ON PS5? dont tell me this badass game is a PS5 exclusive. It needs to come to PC asap

  3. 1. this looks ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL!!!
    2. Is that Josh Duhamel?!? cuz that would be even better!

    I am looking forward to this game more than any game in a long time!

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