The Callisto Protocol Full Presentation with Glen Schofiefld | Summer Game Fest 2022

Glen Schofield, former Dead Space lead and founder of Striking Distance Studios, took the stage at Summer Game Fest 2022 to showcase exclusive gameplay from The Callisto Protocol. In this clip they showcased the main character Jacob utilizing a…

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  1. Ehhh it looks ok… some animations are a bit wonky or completely missing, and FPS drops a bit at some instances… I hope they can iron stuff like that out (It is a presentation which should show the best the game has to offer, and still there are these things, which makes me a bit worry… Nevertheless it does look nice).

  2. This is what happens when you bring very talented, passionate developers together WITHOUT the number one goal being profit. Looks incredible.

  3. Meanwhile EA is scrambling to redo the work this guy perfected more than a decade ago lol.
    Not hating, the Dead Space remake might be cool. But it’s just ironic to see how EA ruins developers and then has to try and copy their work later.

  4. Stomping time!
    Also, last second of video is announcer chucking after MC gets brutally killed ? ah, I can't wait to play this one. Glad to see this guy making games again.

  5. man I love this guy, definetly gonna support this game when it comes out, I'd much rather pay for this game than all the other cookie-cutter games from Ubisoft or all EA games

  6. We should Support this Developer and buy their game instead of EAs DS remake… dont forget what EA has done to visceral!

  7. Easy way to make the game better. ALLOW FIRST PERSON. How fkn hard is it ?
    Makes the game more immersive. It puts u " IN THE GAME " , instead of just controlling " The guy in front of you ". 3rd person mainly for consoles.
    Makes zero sense that they TRY TO make these game so realistic, yet fail on such an easy but critical step 1 of immersion. Put me in the game. Not my bot.
    I want to appreciate the atmospheric environments and nothing can compare to putting us IN THE GAME. smh.

  8. Hey Gamespot, there's a typo in Glen's last name in the title! The second "F" in the last name should be removed 🙂

  9. Whenever I see any hype presentation like these nowdays (due to past years trends) I get nervous if it's a hoax or finally a really well cooked game. Usually a hoax.. I really hope this is genuine :/

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