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The Callisto Protocol Exclusive Combat Deep Dive

We’re sitting down with Ben Walker, design director at Striking Distance Studios, to take an exclusive combat deep dive into The Callisto Protocol! Join the crew as they discuss melee and ranged combat, how the title uses the PS5’s controller…

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  1. It’s as if visceral games has returned, I wish this studio achieves great success with this game and hope they make more!

  2. I don't know why this game wasn't on my radar until Games Fest (I think I heard the PUBG stuff at its announcement and just assumed it was a multiplayer horror game which would not interest me), but everything I have now seen and heard has convinced me this is a day one buy.

  3. This is me as a 14-year-old about 14 years ago. My mom literally bought me a game, being nice I said thank you and started playing the game and I’ve been obsessed since. It was actually an early Christmas present 🎁

  4. I want this game to be like Dead Space, and so far it is looking exactly like it! The GRP device is literally a buffed version of stasis telekinesis in Dead Space. I can't wait man, we've waited so long for a good sci fi horror 🙁

  5. More Deep Dives like this please, you were basically giving him a job interview hahahahaha! No bullshit, straight to the point and some mega on-the-spot questions.

  6. So hyped for this game. Can't wait to test out the Dualsense stuff too. Sounds like it adds alot of satisfaction with the combat. I've been loving the usage of it the last few games I've been playing. We've finally got something controller wise that doesn't feel like a gimic and I think Sony has gotten something awesome with this. Really adds some immersion to some of these games. Mostly action games with bows and guns but we're getting there. Haptics will need a bit more practise on from the devs but the triggers are awesome. Everything just adds a little something to the game while playing

  7. I hope the skill trees aren't just stats, I would like some mechanics to be progressively introduced that have impact on the moment gameplay and not just raw number crunching when it comes progression.

  8. The fact that these developers are giving us in depth lead information about the game, months before the actual release is a further clear indication that the game is going to be great and that they have full confidence in their product, unlike so many other studios and publishers with their red flags in this "modern gaming industry".

  9. Left stick blocking? So the left stick isn’t tied to movement? I mean are we talking Resident Evil 4 original legacy controls where the right stick controls movement and camera? God I hope not!

  10. Listening to the dev talk about game mechanics is great. Didn’t care for the interviewers themselves, seems like they are here cause gaming is the cool thing to do.

  11. The enemy designs in Callisto Protocol feel a bit uninspired in comparison to the necromorphs in Dead Space. Maybe its just me tho..

  12. Yes! Keep keep gun play to a minimum. It is not scary when you unload an automatic weapon down the hall towards an enemy. Keep it close. I feel like a flamethrower might be cool though. Something that some creative prisoner made.

  13. I loved this interview I just wished they pressed them on the question about how health systems work. The dev responded about health regens but didn't talk about the mechanics around a players health. Maybe the question wasn't worded right as well I could see the error in that

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