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The Callisto Protocol: 83 Rapid-Fire Questions With Glen Schofield

Rapid-Fire is back and we’re sitting down with the one and only Glen Schofield to ask him 83 questions about The Callisto Protocol, the state of horror in video games, and so much more!

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  1. they dont talk about this. but in dead space 1or2 i think, there were these two legged freaks (i think called stalkers)who darts behind boxes and hides and just attack you randomly. . they also kinda peek their head out sideways from boxes they were hiding from. that shot was freaky af but it was also so fun to play

  2. 4:21 one of the reasons I loved dead space so much is no matter how many times I played it and got upgrades I always felt as if I was vulnerable and I loved it ??

  3. So happy to see Glenn got to make more games, he and his team are great developers, very talented and creative and it was devastating when EA made their dumbest decision ever (among MANY dumb decisions) and shutdown visceral, they didn’t deserve to be treated that way. Can’t wait for this game and wish it all the success in the world

  4. loved the first 2 dead space games, this is one of my most anticipated games of the year, hope it does well !!!

  5. Ski free yeti was a nightmare. You get so far, then this damn thing just ran towards you way faster than you could ski. Nightmares of the 90’s.

  6. I’m so glad Glen is back to making the game he wants to make, instead of cranking out call of duty games like a cog in a machine. Even Callisto Protocol isn’t everything I hope it is I’m genuinely happy for him. I love seeing passionate people creating things they actually care about!

  7. i dont like the fast cut style of the interview but a few good questions were asked and as a person that loved dead space 1 and 2 i cant wait for this game. glen if you are reading this please dont screw up the pc version so i can enjoy it day 1 🙂

  8. it would be funny if glen put a easter egg in the game tying Jacob to be Issac and Ellie son, like a simple letter or gift from your parents, i know the timeline wouldn't fit since the game takes place in 2320, and issac was born in 2465 and ellie 2483, i get the timelines wouldnt add up but it would still be a nice easter egg to put in, since he said this is a spiritual successor to dead space.

  9. These Rapid fire Q&A are always fun. It's a shame there won't be spacewalking, those sections were really neat in Dead Space, but since it doeeesss mainly take place on Callisto, I guess I can't really be shocked, lol, game still looks sick.

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