Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Review

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is a love letter to Turtles in Time that modernizes the classic beat-’em-up while retaining its 16-bit essence.

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  1. Played today. This is the hr that we have been waiting for. Seamless couch+online co-op is amazing. No lag , every villain you remember fighting, new moves, story mode and arcade mode. It's all here.

  2. I've only had one hang-up on the switch lite & that's the odd loading stutter it has or it error's me out completely on occasion,aside from that it's been fun.

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  4. I'm surprised he didn't mention the fact that some of the OG Voice actors from the series had lent their voices for the game. That was the top reason to want to get this game

  5. I’m a fan of the arcade version turtles in time not the Super Nintendo 16 version this doesn’t feel like the arcade version that’s the problem once I unlock all the achievements and trophies I’m done playing it maybe if Konami made this game it would of played a lot better

  6. Funny how Konami couldn’t get it right until now — trying to do new things — this is really all they had to do and could’ve made hit games off this formula

  7. Fun game but kinda bare bones. What you see is what you get. Very few secrets outside the one character you get from beating story mode.

  8. Wait you said the multi-player is either online or local, I thought it had couch co-op as well? do you mean local network or couch co-op?

  9. When will there be a remake of “final fight” another great 90’s arcade classic? Don’t know how many quarters I spent on that one. Would be more than happy to spend another 120 on a remake.

  10. Cool game. Now, in general, it's like a renaissance of beat 'em up. At a recent steam festival, I played the demo of another potentially good game – Arnold Bounty Hunter. It looks more like the first Battletoads – there are not only fights, but also various adventures with platforming, hydrocycles. It also looks interesting.

  11. Actually in the good old days the arcade beat em ups had infinite continues as long as you pumped more quarters into the machine! That's my one beef I have with this game. The limited lives and no continues seems kind of arbitrary in an arcade mode.
    Maybe they should've called it SNES console mode and have an arcade mode with infinite continues!
    Aside from that this game is AWESOME ????‼️‼️

  12. Using the quintessential art style and characters from the late 80's to 90's version of the cartoon show was the best decision ever!

  13. Interesting point about the difficulty of confusing which turtle you are playing. I played through this game with my wife, where she was mostly playing April; so we didn't experience this problem much. But I think when we both went turtle, it happened a few times.

    I think a nice enhancement the developers could add is to apply a setting which allows each turtle to have its unique shade of green that was sometimes used, such as with the original toys.

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