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Street Fighter 6, Summer Game Fest Day 2, & Giant Bomb's Future (Feat. Lucy James & Tamoor Hussain)

In this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, the crew recaps everything they played at Summer Game Fest Day 2, including Street Fighter 6, Outriders Worldslayer, A Little To The Left, Birth, and Glitch Busters. We’re also joined by special…

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  1. Why not feature a little thing called DAN RYCKERT!!1?

    (the exclamation marks and the 1 are to be used with that man's name at all times)

  2. Great vid y'all. Cool to see everyone in person and dope to land lucy+tam! I forgot how much in-person chemistry adds to the discussion–definitely greases the rails of conversation.

    PS special shout out to Alex on his hosting duties! So cool to see you grow into the role and you really nailed it here!

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