Street Fighter 6 High Level Gameplay (Hardest CPUs)

At Summer Game Fest, we pit two rank 8 CPU’s against each other to duke it out in Street Fighter 6 at the highest level.

You’ll get to see matches with Jamie, Ryu, Chun Li and Luke which were the four playable characters at Summer Game Fest’s…

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  1. I don't get what's so great or special on this Street Fighter version. It looks more realistic but at the same time, it just looks so……….bland, lifeless….And while the moves do look interesting, it doesn't seem like they have much of a "hit" or impact to those moves. Can't really explain it, but it seems like there is not much difference between this one and the previous title.

  2. Oh menn, that hit me in the guts! Bringing back nostalgic when I saw "Damnd / Damudo" ( =SNES Final Fight I ) in the background!

  3. desde que los videojuego se separaron de los combos infinitos con algunos monos y de los combos que bajan casi todo ya no son video juegos bueno son puros bugs para hacer mugens los juegos y hacer modificaciones pa que jale bien el mono

  4. The presentation looks good, but I already have my doubts about the roster. I didn't care about Luke, and Jamie looks… ok-ish. On the upside, this is probably the best fighting game AI since Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution.

  5. there's too much information on screen. every time there's a spark, an explosion of colour. that's too much. one of the things that I've liked in Street fighter is that it was a clean game. I guess I'll stick to Tekken as my main fighting game. ?

  6. Seems like they REALLY slowed the game down. Some movements still seem a little "sped up". Like Jamie's strings seem really smooth and clear visually. but everything else seems a tiny bit to flinchy/jumpy(i do know they are animation canceling). The visuals are a little too "big" imo. I really liked the contrast of the dark alley and the characters kinda glow. but it was hella bright, hopefully they can smooth those out and possible steal me from Tekken

  7. Amazing and so good game , better than KOF (maybe) and tekken ( worst fighting game ever ) but my opinion mortal kombat still best fighting game .

  8. Am I the only one that misses the smooth cartoon street fighter animation? I mean this looks cool but the vibrant colors and lush animation so fire too

  9. I really don’t like the lifebars angles look cool but they’re bad for accurately telling where your health is

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