Street Fighter 6 Hands-On Reactions | Summer Game Fest 2022

Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 is one of the biggest games of Summer Game Feast and the PlayStation 5 version of the fighting game was playable at the show.

GameSpot’s resident fighting game fan got hands-on time with the game, putting the Drive…

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  1. It’s wild to think that Capcom is hitting all the right notes with this game. It really does feel like they’re comeback to the fighting game genre.

  2. I appreciate how they put someone who knows fighting games to break it down. This is much more interesting and informative than watching people who just talk about the surface level of the game.

  3. Glad you guys have someone who actually knows about fighting game systems. It's a genre and community that definitely doesn't get much representation in the media.

  4. Tamoor is not the first person who's expressed that they don't have it in them to go back to Street Fighter 5 now. All in with SF6 let's go

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