Street Fighter 6 Gameplay Trailer | Sony State of Play June 2022

Street Fighter is back with its sixth instalment. The latest trailer shows off classic characters like Chun-Li and Ryu taking on Luke and many others. There was also a glimpse of a free-roaming mode, showing Luke roaming the city streets and…

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  1. it just looks like a mixture between dragon ball and mortal kombat wana be with just a cheap street fighter brand sprinkled in, i miss the older street fighter games like street fighter 2 and alfa those were great and original games

  2. So it seems like the original Street fighter characters are much older in now play the role as mentors to new Street fighters, that’s awesome.

  3. I've always wanted Damnd in a sf game,also doesn't he look like the main baddie from cyborg! ( An old jean Claude movie!!!)

  4. Top Three Suggestions for Street Fighter 6.
    3. Better outfits
    2. Create Your own Special Moves
    1. A Evil Villain So Powerful They Make in M. Bison Runaway like a little girl crying for Mommy.
    Just Some Suggestions Capcom.

  5. I’m just ready for the plot/story. There was talks of soft rebooting the game so future games so they don’t have to keep going back in time (SF4-etc taking place chronologically before SF3) so hopefully they can accomplish that. Because it’s kind of annoying at this point.

  6. I grew up playing Street Fighter 2 in the arcade. Haven't played in years but I'm excited about this game !

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