Stormgate Announcement Cinematic Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

Check out the world premiere trailer for Stormgate, a free-to-play RTS from Frost Giant Studios that features 3-player open-ended co-op and competitive multiplayer. The team at Frost Giant Studios helped make Starcraft and World of Warcraft. RTS…

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  1. Как можно было сделать экшн трейлер, который физически скучно смотреть.
    Спасибо кстати за звуки из трилогии Звездных войн 50ти летней давности. Ощущается свежесть подхода.

  2. A healthy Dev should be spent on game mechanics and prototyping, not on a Cinematic…
    That’s a bit worrying…

  3. I hope this game come out as a mix of starcraft and warcraft3 u know things like heroes from w3 and a improvement to the starcraft map mechsnics

  4. This quality of cutscene is probalbly something well see alot more in the game, cause they arent as resource intensive as those fully rendered cgi trailers that the blizzard games have. Ue5 makes making trailers at this quality level alot easier. So maybe we have more good looking trailers, but no ultra high fidelity sc2 quality trailers. In game cutscenes will also be able to look a hole lot better in this game if they do it right.

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