Starfield Space Combat Gameplay | Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Check out some of the space combat you’ll experience in Starfield in this latest gameplay clip that was shown during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

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  1. After destroying a ship, will loot just appear in my inventory, do I have to collect it, or is there no ship loot?

  2. Is there a take off segment that was cut. Like is there low orbit flight? Idk I need to see more of this game and it will be broken at launch and depend on the community to fix/add features. Idk I am just pessimistic, no man’s sky became a legendary game. Let’s hope this can too.

  3. Please forgive me, but the shooting is just disgusting, I hated it in f3/4. It is as clumsy as possible and cannot be compared with Destiny or CoD

  4. Your spatial awareness does improve in a big way in third person, but.. it does feel a bit like cheating and your immersion takes a big hit.

  5. No fan of the flightmodel .. at all … its like going on rails … thats stuff from the mid/late 90's.
    Space combat is just NMS but in prettier.

  6. Currently it just looks like NMS with better graphics. I'm pretty sure those graphics will be compromised nearer release too. I was hoping for a skyrim in space, but they showed off nearly nothing that made it that. Will wait for release but so far, very unimpressed.

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