Starfield Official Gameplay Reveal | Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022

Bethesda’s long awaited intergalactic RPG finally gets a gameplay reveal. We get a look at in-game environments, gunplay, characters, a glimpse of its story, and its in-depth character creator, including specific body trais, and even how you…

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  1. Looks like no mans sky x destiny with no space magic. Hopefully it is as good as you showcase and not just an overly ambitious trailer which shows the only parts you can play like this. Dont let us down, bethesda!

  2. The death animations feel really dull compared to games like RDR2 or even Left 4 Dead 2. This is a 2022 game from Bethesda and games 5+ years older do it way better. The enemies you shoot in this don't show any signs of pain before they eventually just drop dead. Starfield looks amazing otherwise, I just hope they improve that area the most.

  3. He has a ship but lands that far from the base? There's enemies at the base oh okay. But wait, they didn't see him just land? Hm..

  4. Idk. In my silly opinion most games such as this are too "hold your hand". As in way too easy. From the gameplay they showed the enemies didn't seem that hard or challenging. Correct me if I'm wrong, but are they depriving you of that feeling of accomplishment that is important for people. Or it's just a false sense of accomplishment. I mean I know it's a video game and you beating it doesn't really mean anything, but making it more difficult might add something more to it. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've been kinda not impressed with recent video games.

  5. Funny to see such a high tech weapon with iron sights. 😀 I don't own Xbox and I don't think I will play this game anytime soon after it's release, but it's very nicely done. Not a very big fan of gunplay in this and that No Man Sky harvesting style, but still…nice game. Ship creator is freaking sick!

  6. Too bad it's exclusive. Either way would have waited about a week before purchasing this to see all the quirks. Very ambitious game for a studio that has been kinda funny with it's last few games. Similar to Bioware

  7. why cant people just make a starwars game like this and about the same level of exploration like no mans sky i just want to see a dame modern day open world star wars rpg and i dont count jedi order as that

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