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Spider-Man Vs. Fallen Venom In Marvel's Midnight Suns | New Gameplay Today

Midnight Suns is a strategic turn-based RPG featuring an interesting card-based twist, and we recently visited Firaxis Games in Baltimore, MD, to play more of it. We came away with significant takeaways, including this exciting gameplay…

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  1. The game pages for the legendary edition of this on ps and xbox both say it includes skins for unannounced heroes, so maybe there will be more? I'm hoping for Punisher and/or Moonknight

  2. "I think Maisie Williams played her"
    "But we are super woke, so we made her black with short hair you know, had that idea in my Tesla, when i was drinking a bottle of water after pilates"

  3. I like turn based games and card games.
    But marvel characters doesn't fit the waiting animation of a turn based game. Especially characters like Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Venom.

  4. The only turn base game that i can actually wrap my head around playing is pokemon and I haven’t played that in like 13 years but ill at least give this a try

  5. Boze tak piękna grę tak zjebac i zrobić z niej grę karciana na konsole pod wpływem wyboru boze żeby to byl vs jak mortal kombat to kurwa ale to to jest takie gowno ze szkoda tak fajnego tytulu

  6. I think the words this guy was looking for were "buffs & debuffs"…Omg the other guy doesn't know who Magic is. ☠ Why is he even commentating on this video? Hunter is not a "new character to the Marvel universe", it's the character creator mode…the character you create will NOT be showing up in All New All Different Xmen…………..

  7. Turn based rpg games are for some people but they are not for everybody to me id rather this midnight suns game be an open world rpg but better then the avengers game the cards thing just sucks all together imo this might as well be a mobile game but for ps5 and Xbox and PC Ill watch a walkthrough for the game probably but I dont think I wanna play this game alot of people are pissed that they didnt change the gameplay they couldn't change the gameplay that theyve already built for the game

  8. Game looks very underwhelming. Hope it good. Also, why is it so hard for developers to get a Marvel Superhero game right?

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