Sonic Frontiers Hands On Reactions | Summer Game Fest 2022

We got some hands on time with Sonic Frontiers, the new open world entry to the Sonic franchise, at the Summer Game Fest Play Days event. Playing 15 minutes each, Dave and Jordan were able to explore, test the new combat system in boss battles…

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  1. They were trying so hard to find a way to compliment the game even though this is probably the worst thing Sega has tried to sell to us. It looks like a tech demo not a full tripple A game.

  2. 1:50: Glad he pointed out that there were 2 gameplay modes, for transparency. Not saying the game will control perfectly, but it's not the only option, as they almost directly implied.

  3. i think based on the interviews, the action and fast mode really are for people who played sonic, cause if you’ve played a sonic game before then controlling the fast blur is really hard at first but super easy once u get the feel for sonic. Basically what i’m trying to say is for veterans, fast mode is easier cause we’re used to his speed, but the easy mode is for people who aren’t, that’s probably why they mean “He shoots off easily” cause i know EXACTLY what they mean

  4. So weve got a fee things going on here that i want to address, none of this game so far is like shadow of the colossus, not enough to draw any comparisons anyway, also its nothing like breath of the wild, IT IS like an open world game YES, but there is nothing enough to be called breath of the wild esque, lets take a step back and be creative enough to not have to use pointless comparisons in order to communicate what it is we are seeing

  5. Yeah this hits the nail on the head in terms of peoples main concerns as it 15mins of content it's no surprising but also it isn't overly linear it seems so still feeling cautiously optimistic.

  6. If Shadow is in this game, I think it would be really cool for him to be kinda a supporting character for Sonic if the rumors of him losing his memories is true, since having amnesia is something Shadow is all to familiar with, I would love to see their interactions from this type of set up also seeing him take a more understanding position for Sonics situation as well as giving is the rival action as he pushes Sonic to remember.
    This would be a really cool interaction that I would love to see.

  7. I don't get the "Breath of Wild" comparaison ?? I mean certainly they used some idea of course but for a game who copy botw i would rather name Genshin Impact. Sonic Frontiers is just different.

  8. They are acting like basic open world elements all came from Breathe of the wild bro perfect dodging had been a thing in open world as far back I can remember

  9. This game looks great honestly! Im gonna love the enemy fighting plus the traverse collecting items. Really love that sonic team went in this direction for sonic. He looks free in the open zone world. Looking forward to 100% completing this game.

  10. Just one thing… you do realize that dodge/parry mechanic isn’t something new in BotW. Many open world games, and even combat games, have had a parry system that may slow down time or stop the action for a counter attack. To say sonic took inspiration from BotW parry and dodge system is a bit inaccurate. This isn’t anything new. BotW and Genshin are revolutionary for open world games but let’s not pretend that they didn’t take aspects of open world from other games.

    Though I will admit sonic has gotten much inspiration from Zelda.

  11. I had that issue with Sonic Forces where you jump and he the character would suddenly accelerate in the direction you were jumping which made the platforming sections tricky.

  12. That combat looks like paint drying.

    If you guys thought sonic running around a black palm tree for 2 minutes straight looked high-octane you should check out your local old folks home.

  13. I'm taking all this combat criticism with a grain of salt because, while it sounds like fair criticism, I kinda feel like these guys could say similar things about the Werehog like the majority of the press did so I'll have to try it myself to know if it does indeed fall a bit short, or if it's supposed to be like that and it becomes better and better as you unlock new combos and improve the stats like in Unleashed

  14. As one who's been crapping on this game since the IGN footage, this was the first video that made me feel this game has a bit of hope. Still not going to pre-order this one and still going to check out game reviews before deciding on if I should get this game. But I have a little faith after watching this video. I really do want this to be successful as an open world Sonic game sounds like a good fit for the character if done right. This still has its flaws it seems and I wish they didn't go for the realistic approach with the world, but it doesn't sound like it was as broken of a game as the one that IGN showed us a few weeks back as well. Fingers crossed this one turns out well.

  15. What’s wrong with basic enemy names a ninja is a ninja and a tower is a tower u are gonna be fighting a lot of them it’s not that big of a deal frontiers better have better cqc and many playable characters with cqc maybe an online mode with a friend to a lot of sonic characters have good cqc and that interest me the most and could be a good idea

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