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Sonic Frontiers Boss Fight | New Gameplay Today

Fresh off of Summer Game Fest, Marcus and Stadnik are here to give you their hands-on impressions of Sonic Frontiers and show off some new boss and combat footage on this episode of New Gameplay Today!

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  1. I still don't understand why Sega won't upload these videos to their own channel or why the gameplay is suddenly being shown on Game Informer when the previous two and the Sonic Central were on IGN.

    Anyway even though I still haven't been shown anything in this game that's gotten me hyped I'm still looking forward to this game even if it doesn't look perfect.

  2. Sonic needs one more game mechanic that may help the game engage and the strong reason why Sonic must move fast, why Sonic must use the acceleration platform, etc. And reward exploring the iconic buildings, get the top of complex building and kind a like that

  3. The fact that this video wasn't the first thing they thought to show us to indicate this game had any content at all has only made it PAINFULLY clear that SEGA sent this game out to die. This isn't incompetence, there is intent here to only show the stuff worth looking at after you've scared off the majority of the audience beyond the diehards.

  4. Not being a hater, just giving a reality check. None of this looks different than the first gameplay showcase. It's probably a very similar, if not the same, build of the game. The player in the first footage just stopped frequently to look at the environments, and was also not pressing the sprint button as frequently as was shown here. Also, don't know what some of you mean about the combat looking deep all of a sudden. It's a homing attack that leads into a single air combo, and there's a dodge and a parry. Plus the loop thing, which is also used in puzzles and such. Sonic still doesn't look super well animated, and I'm still worried about that towering boss from the first showcase, because that fight didn't look fun and probably hasn't changed

  5. "Pokemon Legends Arceus, one of the best games of the year […]" – okaaaaaay. I mean I guess once you have that perspective then this does look decent by comparison. Sure.

  6. Omg I love when they said Pokémon legends arceus is one the best games of the year. I immediately disregarded their opinions. Lol

  7. Dude sounds like a classic hard to please person. Cautiously? Dude say ""the game looks pretty well put together and should be good… Nostalgically reminiscent to Dreamcast. Can't wait to see what's in store in the full game!""" This guy sounds like he is ready to bring negative energy to the conversation. Be positive bro, game looks fantastic!

  8. Saying one of the best games of the year also had that problem doesn't downplay that problem, if anything it's more about how shit a year it's been for games

  9. Can't they release the Sonic license so fans can publish their games? fan games are much better than this

  10. Unsubbing from this channel due to its white washing of explorative tactics from Blizzard Activision. What a shame, RIP the best gaming magazine.

  11. I’m still not truly convinced, plus Sega has let me down for far too long. We’ll see how it is when it comes out, but I’m not preordering or purchasing till reviews drop after release.

  12. 4:05 this man just compared an undercooked game to another undercooked game. Congrats! i played Arceus myself but once your done with the game, it's forgotten. It did well in its 1st month but by no means its not one of the best games of this year (especially since Scarlet & Violet is coming)

  13. this game has alot of potential sega don't rush or pull a Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) take your time theres alot of work to be done. on a side note: im curious about super sonic

  14. The new gameplay looks sooo much better than before! I cant wait for this game now. I do wish the game was more open world though. This isnt on Sega more so me and my expectations. At first I thought this game was more about Sonic running in a huge open world with land, water, animals, npcs, like we all imagine in our minds when we first heard open world Sonic game, like more of an emphasis on his traversal like spiderman 2018. What it means to truly feel like Sonic. A purely open world game that was a massive sandbox for Sonic. But this game isnt that, its supposed to be multiple open zones with Sonic trying to un cover the mysteries of each island, thats why there are no npcs or animals its not a traditinal open world game. I hope sometime in the future we can one huge open world map for Sonic to run through in a more speedily way to where he is jumping from rock to rock or running across lakes, going up and down moutains or buildings, doing side quest, so on and so forth. I am so glad this game is the new direction for Sonic because that means we can get more open world games for our fav blue hedgehog later on!

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