Sonic Central Full Presentation (June 2022)

Check out the latest Sonic Central that aired on June 7th showcasing Knuckles for the first time in Sonic Frontiers. Also hear from the voice of Sonic as they tease the Blue Ray release for the latest Sonic movie. Additionally get a look at Sonic…

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  1. Kinda ruin my hopes when they stated that IGN would be the place to get the first news. Its the one place I would never trust related to both news and review; they overhype/oversell products

  2. How do you show a 20 second clip of one character’s animation and call that a “sneak peek” to your cartoon show?

  3. Sega be like:
    +-2015 hey customer, genesis sonic now on smartphones!
    +-2022 ayo, remember that mobile sonic port? Well, here the new one… For pc and consoles and for money

  4. YEESH, after 5 years, Sonic Team still seems unable to pull the franchise out of this dire situation. Whatever, Frontiers and all the other junk will still sell well like always. Maybe my grandkids will be able to play a good official Sonic game, but for now we gotta make due with the fangames I suppose.

  5. I mean I had a good time with this. Just like totally innocent capitalism is fine. I like sonic. I can't find anything to complain about from this. I'll edit this if I have a complaint near the end.

  6. God Sonic frontiers looks horrible. I really want it to be good but everything we’ve seen so far looks like a gross, janky, prototype made by one guy.

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