Sea of Thieves Captains of Adventure Official Season Seven Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

The games-as-service pirate adventure Sea of Thieves showed off the glory of sailing the seas, and the launch of its latest seventh Season, which is expected to launch in July.

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  2. FINALLY! I wanted a ship of my own and got the cosmetics I wanted but being able to make it even MORE unique to me is just perfect. Give it an actual name, make it look the way I want and save it. Be a TRUE captain. My journey to pirate legend is only getting better

  3. I wonder how many unimaginative people will name their ship the black pearl.. Be original people.. Or we'll just spawn camp you till you change it 😂

  4. why dont the game devs bring an update or a new story line up thats related to the greatest anime of the centuries "one piece" it would bring a hack lot of audience and player could enjoy and feel more connected

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