Resident Evil Village New DLC, Mercenaries Update, and More | Capcom Showcase 2022

Shadows of Rose is the all new expansion to Resident Evil Village where you play as Ethan Winters’ daughter, Rosemary. Additionally, Mercenaries is getting new playable characters including Chris Redfield, Hesisenberg, and Lady Dimitrescu….

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  1. I've gotta say There where a little Bit not enough different Enemies In this Game. Only two ore three more should have done it In my opinion four

    The Lycans
    Large Lycans

    Four sorts of Drillsoldiers

  2. As long as mercenaries is single player I’ll never touch this game, I don’t find any of the main characters interesting

  3. I'm so excited for the third person mode. I didn't buy Resident Evil 7 and 8 because I don't like first person games. But now I will definitely play. I'm looking forward to October 28th. ??

  4. that Michel is the ethan opening fake voice doll on 2nd floor that doll name, so this is ethan protected Rose by borrowing the fake name from the doll

  5. Question. A year ago Capcom said free dlc is on the way – Shadows of Rose can't be free DLC I'm sure, third person mode and mercenaries update probably is.

    Do we have any information on this?

  6. Overall quality of PC version of Village is terrifying. 3 month after launch in 2021, game suffered from terrible micro stutters! AA still broken. Game have no DLSS support and FSR is still 1.0 Me personally, not interested anymore in this.

  7. ok hear me out

    what if rose did actually die like for good, and they were able to recreate different beings of her, using the dna from her body in the box. the reason theres a second rose would be because the one they had made escaped with chris and mia, so they had to create another rose. the reason she glows when holding the box is because it contains the remaining parts of her corpse?

  8. I just bought this on steam PC and its not playing on my full monitor and is only working on the keyboard and mouse. Is that normal? How do i fix it?

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