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Resident Evil 4 Remake Trailer Breakdown

Resident Evil 4 Remake has finally been announced, but what secrets does the new trailer hold? Join GI as we break down everything you might have missed from Leon and company’s return.

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  1. I do hope RE4 Remake is as great as the original classic from 2005 and that Capcom learned its lesson from RE3 Remake and how it wasn't as great as Nemesis 1999

  2. My biggest wish for the Resident Evil 4 Remake is that Ashley gets a full character development arc. I would like to see her fleshed out more and transform from a frightened teenager to a capable fighter by the end of the game

  3. Obviously people talking about resident evil who in my opinion don’t know much on the subject based off what I heard. And talking like a video game character got sexually harassed is just stupid. Ashley at the end wanted to sleep with Leon so all the idiots acting like it was just the guy characters just sound dumb.

  4. I think the demo of this game is gonna include the beginning of the game where you enter the first house up until the holdup in the village where you fight the chainsaw guy and the others, and it'll last till the bell rings and the villagers go to the church, revealing the title card like in the original and ending the demo right there, it's a huge possibility because it's honestly a demo opportunity not worth missing, you get the major taste of the game just because of that level alone, and i think it's perfect

  5. I love to see the story more fleshed out, and like how traumatized Leon is, similar to Jill a bit from 3R. I also hope they don't completely abandon the campy aspect of the original game, although I have no idea how they'd still have that giant Salazar statue in the remake lol Also, I'm guessing we're getting more Ashley segments which I'm a fan with; her bits could be more puzzle-oriented compared to Leon's combat scenarios. I'm curious how the escort missions go, because they're still good to this day; she may scream a lot, but she wasn't useless or in the way.

  6. 15:17

    The emblem looks similar to the one in RE8. Instead of 4 feathers creating the X shape its 4 hands in this game. Maybe the are going to link in events in the remake on how the antagonists are linked to the creation of Umbrella Corp. Kinda like how Miranda had ties to Spencer, Sadler will play a more major role, lore wise, for the story of RE.

  7. Oh my lord. This is gonna follow the trend of genre switching like 6, 7, and 8 isn’t it? Leon action horror. Ada stealth. Ashley run and hide. Luis… ?? 🤷‍♂️

  8. I'd love the idea of Saddler being a loser nobody scientist from Umbrella that seised his opportunity and took advantage outside of America. Could maybe give him a bit more character than in the original.


    I hate that shit. It’s no fun to constantly be under pressure running from an enemy you can’t kill. Running around levels you’re unfamiliar with, wasting ammo, it’s just terrible design. Let me explore the game world at my own pace.

    Them doing a nemesis type enemy would absolutely ruin the experience for me.

    15:19 No, that’s not the cult symbol. Not even close.

  10. 4:22 No you couldn't. Resident Evil Village shares some esthetic and other superficial similarities with Resident Evil 4 but in terms of story they are completely different.

    4:33 Leon doesn't kill the president at the beginning of Resident Evil 6. The president has already turned into a zombie by the beginning of the game. And it's not the president you see here. Is it's the president that proceeds him.

  11. Will they include Hunnigan? That Metal Gear Solid-esque Hunnigan conversation was a product of its time but would be abit disappointed if they take it out completely, haha.
    Not sure will they include "Leon! Leon, help!", haha, those annoying lines..
    Also, havent seen the full Ada Wong character model but changing her iconic red cheongsam to a ?red sweater is a bummer. Similar to Jill Valentine outfit in RE3 remake, though I quite like the remake outfit now, haha.
    I know it fits more to the realism aesthetic but still…

  12. 15:17, I'm pretty sure that's the symbol from RE8. Seems they're retroactively trying to connect the older games to the newer ones. I dig it.

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