Resident Evil 4 Announcement Trailer | State of Play June 2022

We finally have our first look at Resident Evil 4 Remake. The seminal survival horror is back, fully remade from the ground up. Resident Evil 4 Remake is also being made for PSVR2.

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  1. little pessimistic about the remake, as everyone has the right to be, given re3

    the darker tone is a little suspect, a lot of re4's charm was the cheesy action vibe, dunno how much of that can be satisfactorily replaced by self-serious spooks

    none of it looks at all bad so far, it's just, I never understood the need to remake the nearly perfect 4 when u have the fun but extremely imperfect 5 and code veronica still in the archives

  2. The tone seems different. They are doing a more serious and "realistic" approach to Resident Evil 4. You can see that on the collor palette, the music, the dialogue and even the clothing (Ada doesn't even wear her femme fatalle dress). I hope that this means a improvement to the original game, because we love RE4's cheesy humor and action.

  3. As a RE fan they have to make this remake as good as the original if not better. Overall we will see or I like to see the following things:

    1- Mendez having a role like nemesis but not that much

    2- I think the game is stepping in a more serious and darker tone which is cool but I hope it retains it's humor and cheesy dialogues

    3- Maybe new type of enemies

    4- New type of parasites

    5- There's something cool about the shot at 00:46 with that ambient music and atmosphere

    6- New areas apart from the ones in the original

    7- New weapons

    8- Hidden places and items

    10- Maybe ester eggs

    11- Making Ashley cooler and cool. More or no sections for her

    12-Maybe Luis and Ada sections

    13- Since it's a remake political and spy dramas can be added to the storyline

    14- If the concept arts are true we may get a Wesker section

    15- Merchant is a most

    16- Deep forest exploration which would be cool especially with rain and fog
    17- Leeeeeeoooon!!!!

    These are the ones that I can think of right now. If you can add to the list or have any other thoughts I will be glad to talk to you guys

  4. given how the vr port and re3 remake was both censored. i'm going to wait for sale and/or mods that remove the censorship on pc.

  5. "Welcome!" "What are you buying? "What are you selling?" "Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger."

  6. I mean it's Pretty that's about it… If the DLC of the last 2 games tell me anything this is well it's Pretty lol. I'd seen a more better reason to remake RE1 & 0 or outbreak to the Remake controls, over the shoulder look compared to the Tank ones. but this already had that in the hd remaster and the 26 other ports of the original.?‍♂️

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