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Redout 2 Review

Redout 2 is a high-speed futuristic racing game in the vein of F-Zero and Wipeout. 34BigThings makes it clear out the gate that Redout 2 is exclusively for players who enjoy this genre. It’s a love letter to classic arcade games where the machine encouraged continuous play (and more quarters).

Every single track in Redout 2 is rendered beautifully in neon chrome and sleek glass, with bright colors assaulting players’ eyes at every opportunity. Even at peak speeds, the vortex of blurring colors is so visually stimulating and awe-inspiring that it’s tempting to stop looking at the track ahead just to appreciate the background.
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There are tons of unique locales: Fuji, Cairo, the Mariana Trench, Tokyo, the moon, and even a black hole. Every single track is stunning. If nothing else, it’s worth coasting through slowly to appreciate all the effort that went into creating each level.

Even better is that the locales are all introduced with a short backstory about how they came to be. There is fascinating world building at hand in these introductions. The entire galaxy was essentially turned into a development project on steroids by a handful of billionaires. Each area was invested in by a specifically named billionaire whose motives, personality, and intentions are completely unknown.

There was just a sliver of intrigue at how each location was developed, which could’ve made for some amazing hooks in a larger story. For example, when entering the Mariana Trench for the first time, players are told that a Water World War occurred in the past. Sadly, players don’t get answers to those questions.

The unfortunate part about these settings is that they are in a racing game, not an RPG. While the backgrounds are incredible and the lore behind them is fascinating, players rarely get to see the more interesting parts of them or explore the world they’re speeding through. They are…


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