Palworld Gameplay Trailer | Future Game Show 2022

Check out a Palworld gameplay trailer that was showcased at this Summer’s Future Game Show 2022.

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  1. There’s something very off about this trailer… like 80% of the gameplay looks like fake animations to illustrate what they WANT it to be, not what it IS.

  2. There was another upcoming game I’m struggling to remember with a similar art style and a boy protagonist who got into colorful battles wacky monsters. Anyone know what I’m thinking of?

  3. 0:21 i don´t know if i gonna have guts to play this game. The poor little thing is looking directly at the screen with that expression… i felt so much pain. Yet the game looks absolutely amazing.

  4. I'm still going to buy this, but I wish we has character customization and instead of playing out someone else's story we could play the story as our own person

  5. So excited for this game. I want to play it right now if I could. The bosses are really cool and unique as well as other weapons that could be used for the pals. Really looking forward to this game. Hopefully it comes out soon.

  6. Hoping for a console release for this i know its pc for now but god i hope they can after a year or something i want to play this with my friends on playstation

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