Overwatch 2 Free To Play and New Hero Announcement Trailer | Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

Overwatch 2 announces that they are going free to play in early access on October 4th! This big announcement was made as part of the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase. Additionally, we got a look at a brand new character the Junker Queen who will making…

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  1. Really not a fan of the redesigns. Sure, it makes everyone look consistent, but the all look really similar now. You're losing a lot of the charm of a rag-tag group of heroes coming together expressing their wild personalities though the way they dress.

  2. Finally! was hoping it would go free to play, as a person whos been a part of the player base since day one of the first game this is the best solution for the game moving forward and I really hope it gets better from here! and if the campaign is paid fair enough hopefully it is really good!.

  3. Blizzard has a up hill battle from the start to make this game successful.

    Contraversy after contraversy,
    Blitzchung, to harrasment in the work place, has shun ppl away from activision.

    I do want to see the old blizzard back. But they have a lot to prove, to us and to themselves.

    It needs to maintain a moderate player count, (with so many other free to play shooters, warzone, apex. Its impossible to have all the market, blizzard need to realize that) release timely updates. New events. And new stuff on a constant basis… i hope they can do it. But its a up hill climb

  4. It scares me when blizzard offers another f2p game.
    Do you have to pay 10 to 15 euros per hero to unlock the ult for the respective hero?
    Or does it work with lootboxes? With a 0.025 chance to get something? Limited to one month?

  5. I am interested in seeing how this will progress as a free to play system. I know Heroes of The Storm is also free to play and if they set it up like that where you can unlock heros, use gold to buy cosmetics that you can also get from lootboxes just by playing, I think that will be alright.

  6. Can someone help me around?
    I've been told that OV1 players will have access to OV2 without purchasing it, and only story mode will require money, now they say it is free to play and everyone will have to pay for storymode. I'm confused. Is there any gaining to OV1 players?

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