One Piece Odyssey Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2022

Namco is bringing the popular anime and Manga series back into a new JRPG,One Piece Odyssey. In this all new trailer, we got a look at the swashbuckling crew, bursting from sea into the clouds. The game is expected to release in 2022 for PS5 and…

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  1. would love to make my own character in the world of world piece, build your own crew.

  2. They should add jinbe into the crew, not just for this game but all the one piece games that come after it as well

  3. I want a rpg style one piece game where you create your own character and build your own crew of original characters introduced in the game and you can decide whether or not they join the crew and you can build your own ships and gain bounties depending on what you do

  4. "this is a world created from your memories" again? how many times would they do the same thing? they end up in an island and have to fight their past memories, let me guess, you'll find some kind of orbs (or mystical object) suddenly Rob Lucci materialize, you defeat him, then go to the next orb, none of the memories bosses has relevancy to the story, they are just bosses for nostalgia…AGAIN

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