Nintendo Direct Confirmed & Metroid Prime Remastered May Be Coming Soon | GameSpot News

Nintendo is having a last minute, mini Direct before the end of June, Metroid Prime Remastered may be coming to the Switch this Holiday, PlayStation Plus games for July leak, and Hideo Kojima scrapped a The Boys-like project.

A new Nintendo…

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  1. What we need is more scary/violent games for switch. Like old 360/PS3 titles to be ported. Examples are original Dead Space, Condemned criminal origins, or Silent hill 1 and 2.

  2. who made this into the trend amongst major game studios…remaster an old game instead of putting out new ones in a timely manner, because I hate it lol…GTA is the biggest culprit of that…just give us the next title and stop playing with us…people are literally dying before they can play the next game of a series they love

  3. Wow, Ntendo is going to rip us off by releasing the triology as three seperate games?
    These were one of the only games I was planning to get for the switch from the company.
    All they have to do is a normal port from the WiiU version like they have with so many other titles.

  4. I want the Metroid collection of Fusion, Zero Mission and Super Metroid. Surprised they have a lot of collections of older games, but not this when metroidvanias are so popular now.

  5. I think these games could still be fun to look at in 1080p 60fps with aliasing diminished and/or a good anti-aliasing solution.
    So, a full remaster of prime 1 and a superb clean up of 2 and 3 is fine to me. As long as 2 and 3 are packed together at a budget price. I don't think that would devalue the brand considering when we see prime 4 built ground up for modern tech.

  6. Ehh 'remaster', would prefer a remake especially seeing as they will probably charge the price of a new game. I played the original on emulation with upscaled textures a few years ago and that was great enough.

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