Nightingale Gameplay Overview | Summer Game Fest 2022

Nightingale is a mysterious and fantastical world where you need to survive and craft while using Realm Cards to traverse through randomly generated worlds and distinct customized realms. Check out our interview with Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion…

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  1. this looks really fun but there were definitely a handful of things in the video that need to be worked on, eg. not having rear sights and a really blocky front sight 2:41

  2. one thing i still don't understand if portals and cards are constantly used every few hours, no one will want to build anything ''good'' cause it will just get lost in past portals . am i missing smth?

  3. I want a Victorian era Scottish kilts, stereotypical American western wear(refer to Americans from "The Mummy") and deerstalker caps.🙂 And second the idea of 3rd person viewpoint.

  4. I really like the art style. But as in many games all the weapons look about 20-50% to big and super unwieldy.

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