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A new Hideo Kojima horror game has reportedly leaked, Layers Of Fear dev teases a new game as Silent Hill rumors run rampant, and Phil Spencer plays Banjo-Kazooie and fans begin to speculate.

Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima’s next game is…

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  1. The world needs more survival horror games! I wish there was a new Condemned game! The first one really had a perfect atmosphere. Combine that with the combat system from Condemned 2 and you've got yourself a brilliant blueprint for Condemned 3 or even a reboot.

  2. for the past 5 years theres Silent hill rumors every e3 season and tga, maybe the game should just stay dead, the last good silent hill game has been 20 yrs ago not counting the tech demo

  3. Kojima is very lucky to be so praised for not much. He basically became overrated when Konami let him go and people said he's a victim.. so like a dead rock singer they instantly become a legend and their work automatically becomes groundbreaking.. because they died, or in Kojimas case, because Konami let him go.. unless people can prove me wrong and give me a list of this guy's work that will change my mind. All I know is he worked on the mgs series, but with others also so it was not just him. Death stranding was not a hit. What else

  4. Death stranding was just ok I am going to say what's on my mind at this point silent hill seems like a memory but hopefully someone will take us back there someday.

    Basically you're a worker fixing a rly old house.

  6. Honestly im not hype on death stranding cuz a lot of people said its just a walking sim. Then got it on sale and decided to play it, boom!! Its so addicting, the story, the concept, the rewarding of the gameplay, the moments one of the best??

  7. I’m betting that you have to literally overdose to go to a death realm like the rust area in silent hills.

  8. Where is the game "Abandon" from Blue Box games? It had a 5 second trailer that was about a 50gb download and was supposed to be a playable teaser last October?

  9. We need more innovative game developers like kojima, he keeps thinking outside the box.
    there are no games like death stranding. Who would've known you can make deliveries in a post apocalyptic world the main point of a game.

  10. Naja, ich will ja keinem den Spaß verderben… aber es wird in Zusammenarbeit mit Xbox Game Studios entwickelt. Sie nutzen dafür die Cloud-Technologie von Microsoft.
    Es wird also ziemlich sicher ein Exclusive Game nur für Xbox oder höchstens Xbox und PC werden ?

  11. Im pretty sure the horror game will probably be an xbox game while Death Stranding 2 is probably for Playstation game since Kojima is working on two game projects.

  12. I did not like death stranding and yes I did play it fully and to the end…hoping something would change. It was a fetch quest similator to the very end.

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