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Neon White Review – Holy Hell

Neon White achieves everything it sets out to with remarkable success. Not only is it one of the most entertaining experiences I’ve played in years, but it also speaks to a highly specific audience many just don’t anymore. It’s for weirdos,…

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  1. Good Review , captures what this game is about , 100% the demo , now waiting for the game to unlock so i can 100% the full release

  2. I mostly good hooked on this from summer game fest, mostly the part where the music is composed by Machine Girl, but the more I looked into this game, the more I started to like the whole package! Cant wait to play it out once it releases

  3. Question: are you completely gated out of progressing through the story if you’re not fast enough at a level? What I mean is, a maximum time you need to meet, or else you’re stuck repeating the level?

  4. It's weird, the game looks great, and when the reviewer is discussing the actual game it sounds fun, but it's bits like "neon white seems designed for speedrunning youtube videos, and it will make you feel as good as those videos look"–ideas like that that kind of put me off to it. Also, "it's designed for a very specific person in mind: freaks." Just kinda weird. Like the "idea" of playing the game, rather than the gameplay itself, is supposed to be the pull here.

  5. This looked very solid visually. I love the flow of the game too and I'm a big fan of these bite-sized precision based levels. But once you mentioned bands like drop dead gorgeous I became very worried. I really don't want a bunch of super cringe scene bands for the soundtrack

  6. didnt expect a major gaming channel like this praising a game so much that seems really out there. saw it at the summer games fest and it looks amazing.

  7. Machine Girl composed the soundtrack and their talent absolutely shines! It sounds like oldschool Machine Girl with the cut tracks and demos they produced. Absolutely killer album!

  8. "Like a tshirt section of a Hot Topic and the anime aisle of a Suncoast Video collided into each other" alright goddamn Game Informer you sold me!!

  9. May want to mention that there's red medals which is above ace medals. You get them when you beat a dev's time which is platform/console specific

  10. I started it but had to refund the game, the anime look and the characters pulled me in but the gameplay just didnt clicked for me. I just didnt enjoy the float and jumping at all and that i needed to return for the old missions everytime to increase the ranks with gold stars, if you like to replay the same levels for a global/friend highscore and enjoy the floating + anime look its maybe for you its just not for me.

  11. Release date says June 16, but I can't find the game anywhere. Maybe it's referring to other regions? I hope the publishers didn't sell out before the damn game even came out.

  12. actually they are fighting for a year in heaven not eternity i mean if they won every year for eternity then yes they fight for eternity but mainly a year

  13. Not since Doom Eternal has a game encouraged me to learn its mechanics and encourage improvement. Neon White devs know whats up.

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