Most Memorable E3 Moments

The eve of Summer Game Fest is upon us. Yet there is one former gaming event giant that won’t be part of the festivities this year… E3. The Electronic Gaming Expo sadly announced it was canceling its 2022 event, leaving us with only our…

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  1. All the showcases after the Keanu Reeves were kinda annoying because the crowd kept trying to recreate that moment with others on stage

  2. The thing that originally put me off Cyberpunk, then the other stuff happened and just confirmed that I wouldn't get it.

  3. Tbh I expected alot more for 10 Minutes 39 seconds. Try focussing on Amazing Trailers that blew the audience away. Or y'know… More positivity? E3 has provided unlimited amounts of Memorable Moments. Come on GameSpot. Do better.

  4. I always look forward to Nintendo and Sony announcements…. Microsoft has always been a plague in the console industry, and it just gets worse now that they are turning the gaming industry into a monopoly.

  5. Should be called Most Memorable E3 Fails.. can we get a video that shows proper exciting moments from E3?

  6. Metroid Dread is the loudest I've ever screamed at a game reveal so that would have to be my pick. I feel like the Twilight Princess reveal is the overall Nintendo fan favorite E3 moment though.

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