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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak | New Gameplay Today

Join us on New Gameplay Today as we give you an early look at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and discuss our hands-on impressions of the hotly anticipated DLC.

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  1. This is definitely why you can't record long videos on the switch it probably wouldn't come out looking all that great but I do have the OLED so hopefully it looks a lot better than the base one

    But the monster theme is actually really cool especially if they sprinkle in more than the key three ones that are clearly Western monster themed

  2. I really wish they got someone to play that actually knows what they're doing or talking about. That lady even said she didn't even bother properly doing her skill swap load-out and just kept talking about the wall-run without the use of a silk-bug like 3 fcking times. Nothing ground breaking? Rise has been the most unique and different monster hunter game to date, to the point where the playerbase has divided opinions of the game, some want monster hunter to stay the same while others want innovation, for monster hunter, rise's combat system is defintely groundbreaking. And even then there's literally no RPG in the entirety of the gaming industry that plays like monster hunter, not DS, not Elden Ring, not HZD, and certainly nothing made by UBISOFT, BETHESDA or EA. Plus with the addition of skill-swap mh rise skill ceiling just soared through the fking roof. I really wish the guy who didn't get to play was the one who went because he obviously had a lot he wanted to talk about and arguably actually knows his shit.

  3. Is that a new feature ?
    The fact they show you the combo’s at the bottom now,
    because at first I thought they had it like the console monster hunter but it didn’t,now I’m seeing it while you hunt now.

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