Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Full Presentation | Capcom Showcase 2022

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the latest expansion to the monster hunting epic. Sunbreak will bring new monsters to the game, including retruning ones like Gore Magala, which means new armor and weapon types. The trailer also shows off a new…

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  1. I have to be honest I was screaming harder for Espinas than gore but lucent got me shocked like actually shocked I wasn't expecting him to come back and honestly he's just cooler than both Espinas and gore and if you think otherwise it's because you ether haven't fought him or never seen he's fight before this is the perfect monster to give us a Switch skill swap test we're going to need those I frames and counters for that fight (quick tip bring antidotes too something tells me it's going to be lethal poison this time)

  2. Ngl, Rise felt *a little too empty*.
    Sure, Valstrax and Apex monsters were interesting, but especially as a PC player the game felt rushed. Now, what I’ve been showed is a massive roadmap for Sunbreak, full of new and old content ready to find its way to make us cart.
    I can’t wait to jump on the hype train, because this journey already presents itself at least at Iceborne’s level.
    Can’t wait to know what 2023 will bring.

  3. ok but Jungle!!! I'm so happy they are bringing that back.. I'm so excited to explore this map with the open world concept

  4. Gore/Shagaru Magala and Dalamadur were absent from World, even though it was a Flagship/Elder Dragon exposition. We've got Shagaru back with Rise. Now all that's missing is the world serpent himself.

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